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Webinar TruStone Initiatief on grievance mechanisms

By 25 July 2022September 25th, 2023No Comments1 min read

On May 19, Arisa, in collaboration with the Secretariat of TruStone and CNV, held a webinar on grievance mechanisms for workers working in the supply chain of natural stone companies.

Conversations with TruStone Initiative participants

During the webinar which had about 20 participants, concrete recommendations for improvement were made. Arisa gave concrete suggestions to companies about the dialogue with their suppliers and about the theme of ‘complaints’. In addition, Arnoud van Vliet (SR Manager at Zeeman) talked about involving local partners and how to handle reports throughout the chain. Bart Slob (Director of Ethics@Work) shared insights into which grievance mechanisms exist, also in high-risk countries, and shared his findings on this from a study. 

“It remains a major challenge to provide access to remedy to all workers in the chains of the companies. Having a complaint mechanism is one thing – making sure it is effective and accessible is another,” said one of the speakers.