In 2017, Arisa published the report ‘Do Leather Workers Really Matter?‘. This report shows the working conditions of leather workers and the presence of child labour within the leather industry in India.

In 2020, Arisa had the opportunity to advance in the leather sector with the launch of the three-year Together for Decent Leather programme, which aims to improve working conditions in the leather industry in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Within a consortium of seven civil society organisations, Arisa is engaged in research into working conditions in India, mapping the international production chains of leather linked to India, and dialogue and lobbying with companies and government in the Netherlands and Europe. In addition, Arisa specifically looks at discrimination based on caste and/or religion, for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

One of the programme’s results is the ‘Trends in production and trade – Leather products from India‘ report published by Together for Decent Leather in May 2021, written by Susanne Tempel, an Arisa Programme Officer.

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