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Arisa believes that governments have an important role in resolving human rights violations in supply chains.

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Governments have the primary responsibility for protecting human rights. This includes the rights of workers in global supply chains.  

Many South Asian producing countries are highly dependent on companies in the global North and sometimes have weak governance structures. The solution cannot be expected from the producing countries alone. Arisa believes that governments in the global North have a key role to play in addressing human rights violations and abuses. International companies are based in these countries and market their products, are listed on stock exchanges or raise funds for their activities there. Through legislation and monitoring, governments must hold these companies to international agreements to address human rights abuses in their supply chains. Governments can also, through business support policies and their own public procurement, require companies to fulfil their social responsibilities, including internationally. Finally, governments can increase their efforts in international politics and diplomacy to ensure that South Asian countries do more to protect human and labour rights.     

In its approach to governments, Arisa often works together in networks and coalitions.