Vegetable seeds

Arisa is committed to structural improvements in the vegetable seed sector. Learn more about this sector below.

The Netherlands has a large seed sector with companies (mainly multinationals) that are global suppliers of vegetable and cotton seeds from overseas. These are companies that consumers do not deal with directly, but they are at the source of vegetable and cotton production and play an important role in the seed sector. Among other things, seed is produced on a large scale in India, which is one of the largest seed producers in the world. Large-scale production in India is associated with human rights issues such as child labour, underpayment and discrimination against minorities.   

Arisa raises these issues with companies, politicians and governments, and works to improve working conditions in seed production. These efforts have led to a structured dialogue with some of the leading multinational vegetable seed companies. Together with these companies, Arisa is working to improve wages and reduce child labour in two regions of India.