About Arisa

Arisa, formerly the India Committee of the Netherlands, is an independent non-governmental human rights organisation that has been working since 1976 to defend human rights in South Asia. Arisa does this by advocacy in politics and companies, research, critical dialogue and social awareness of human rights violations, including issues in production chains. Arisa works closely with local partners and organisations in the Netherlands and other countries.


In 1976, the India Committee of the Netherlands was established in response to the State of Emergency in India, proclaimed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in which…

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We support and strengthen the defence of human rights in South Asia from the Netherlands together with local organisations.


Human rights in South Asian countries are respected and protected, with the emphasis on labour rights of vulnerable groups in production chains.


Arisa works together in coalitions and with local organisations. Below is a list of important partners and networks.

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The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) is a critical, independent, not-for-profit knowledge centre on multinationals. Since 1973 we have investigated multinational corporations and the impact of their activities on people and the environment. Arisa closely collaborates with SOMO on research into sectors and companies.

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Together with its partners, Arisa is committed to better and fairer working conditions in production chains in South Asia. By conducting research into companies and their chains, we gain insight into the working conditions in these chains. We share these insights with companies, governments and politicians and then work together on solutions.

Focus on the region

Sri Lanka

The geographical focus of Arisa is shifting from India to South Asia. The political-economic relations of India with countries in the region have become more important. In addition, our themes are not limited to India but also very relevant to other South Asian countries. Discrimination against Dalits occurs throughout South Asia and labour rights violations in the garment and textile industry are a regional problem.

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